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Welcome to Muscleworks Therapy!

Muscleworks Therapy is owned and run by Andy Tamaddon, a massage therapist based in Thornton - Cleveleys.

Being a huge gym enthusiast and lover of all things fitness, Andy knows the importance and benefits of regular massage on the body. 


Not only does he offer an incredible sports massage and cupping therapy, he's also a fully experienced head chef. So he can also tell you what to eat... and how to cook it! 


Andy has worked on clients from all different backgrounds, including GB runners, golfers, teachers, rugby players, pilots, police officers, dancers, bodybuilders and more. Here is what some of Andy's cilents have to say.


So whether you have an aching muscle, stiff joints, want more flexibility & mobility, or you simply want to relieve some stress. Whatever the problem, let him help. Book now! 

Opening Times

We are currently open: 

Mon - Fri. 10am - 7pm

Sat/Sun - Closed


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